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Ultimate Scaventure Kids Game
Ultimate Scaventure Kids Game

Ultimate Scaventure Kids Game 1957

Ultimate Scaventure Kids Game
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Nothing to do? Name and draw 3 of the planets in our solar system; find 4 things with numbers on them; make a necklace of leaves from the backyard; write a poem with 3 rhyming words. The ultimate scavenger hunt adventure, this award-winning game includes 200 cards that list 4 small adventures to undertake. Each team gets 8 cards, and 30 minutes to complete their tasks. The tasks include lots of drawing, writing, action, and performing. Great for parties, sleepovers, and holiday gatherings, it includes stickers to use as team badges or prizes. Winner Oppenheim Best Toy for 2002.

Fun for ages 7 and up.

• Award-winning game
• 40 adventures await you
• Tasks include drawing, writing, action, and performing
• Includes stickers to use as team badges or prizes
• For ages 7 and up

Winner Oppenheim Best Toy for 2002

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