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HearthSong Connectagons

Our exclusive, award-winning Connectagons® wooden construction sets offer limitless opportunity for creativity and challenge—for both kids and families! Connectagons constructions can go in any direction—as they branch out, kids’ imaginations follow. Kids can create truly beautiful sculptures with these building sets, and they frequently become permanent artwork in their homes. Our first Connectagons construction set consisted of round wooden pieces with eight slots in them for connecting with other Connectagon pieces. All pieces featured bright colors and fun patterns on both sides, so that every construction kids built was different. They can be airy as tree branches or solid as a house. Combine several sets to make Christmas trees! Our next set was intended to be a design complement to the first set of Connectagons, and so consisted of geometrically shaped pieces in plain bright colors. Combining the different shapes and colors into one construction exemplifies the essence of Connectagons, which are basically a fun combination of art and engineering. We've had a blast creating construction sets that feature butterflies, sea creatures, and hearts. We created imaginative, bold pop-art designs for our giant-size PopOptical connectagons pieces, a hands-on way for kids to discover the options for artistic fun that come with optical illusion. Glow-in-the-Dark Connectagons are one of our brightest ideas. Kids love lights, so this set's geometric pieces feature crisp, clean, linear patterns that seem to vibrate with light in a dark room—they're perfect for creating lighted Christmas trees. Kids can create a beautiful, butterfly-filled garden with our monarch butterfly Connectagons set, and discover all the phases of a monarch butterfly's life cycle at the same time. This set's beautifully painted pieces include butterflies, caterpillars, pupae, plain leaves, leaves with eggs on them, and flower blossoms from the specific plants that most appeal to the monarchs. One of our favorite inspirations for open-ended play, this set is a great way for kids to learn that setting their imaginations free is not only fun, but can lead to learning—in this case, building coordination and logic as well as discovering the beauty of art and nature. There’s a set for every interest, and the sets can be combined for even more fun. Stay tuned for many more creative Connectagons sets to come.

Connectagons® Deluxe Set

Connectagons® Deluxe

$24.98 - $34.99
HearthSong Connectagons® Butterflies and Flowers

Connectagons® Butterflies and Flowers

$6.98 - $19.98
HearthSong Connectagons® - Original Constructive Building Set, Set of 240 Connectagons®

Connectagons® Creative Building Sets

$6.98 - $45.00
Watch the Video
Connectagons® PopOptical

Connectagons® PopOptical

Monarch Butterfly Connectagons®

Monarch Butterfly Connectagons®

Heart-to-Hearts® Connectagons®

Heart-to-Hearts® Connectagons®

More Styles...
HearthSong Connectagons® - Geometry Constructive Building Set, Set of 240 Connectagons®

Connectagons® Geometry

$6.98 - $26.98



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