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Underwater Explorer GeoSafari%26#174; Plankton Net
Underwater Explorer GeoSafari%26%23174; Plankton NetBottle Observation

Underwater Explorer GeoSafari® Plankton Net 419796

Underwater Explorer GeoSafari® Plankton Net
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It's always a good idea to use the buddy system when swimming. But did you know that you have millions of underwater companions when you venture into natural water? Get an up-close and personal look at the plankton lurking beneath the surface in ponds, lakes, and oceans with the Underwater Explorer GeoSafari® Plankton Net. Toss it into fresh or salt water, then sweep it to the surface and examine your sample in the magnifier observation bottle or remove the bottle and attach the lid to share your finds with friends! A laminated plankton identification guide is included. Net may also be attached to a rope for use on docks and boats.

For ages 6 and up.

• Mesh underwater explorer GeoSafari® Plankton Net
• Encourages exploration and discovery
• Removable, transparent, magnified bottle
• Can be held with hands or used with rope for docks and boats.
• Use in fresh or salt water

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