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Tiddlywinks Toads Game
Tiddlywinks Toads Game

Tiddlywinks Toads Game 1032776

Tiddlywinks Toads Game
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Tap these colorful toads and they'll take off like rockets! The challenge (and fun of it) is to get them to land in their perfectly purple container. Place it near or far–first to get a toad in wins! Traditional fun that never grows old! Convenient capped container makes this a terrific game to take along on summer travels. Set of 12.

• Tap these toads and they'll take off like rockets
• First to get a toad in the purple container wins
• Move the container farther and farther away
• Traditional game with a fun twist
• Great for travel–convenient capped container
• Set of 12

For ages 3 and up.

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