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Fairy-Tale Bed Tent
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Fairy-Tale Bed Tent 1034049

Fairy-Tale Bed Tent
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"I have a place where dreams are born…" Our gauzy, dreamy, sweetly ruffled bed tent, softly lit by a beaded chandelier, is just such a magical place. Easy to set up on a twin bed (the "floor" slips under the mattress). Requires UL connection. A special haven for a very special fairy princess.

• Gauzy, dreamy, sweetly ruffled bed tent
• Softly lit by a beaded chandelier
• Easy to set up on a twin bed
• The "floor" slips under the mattress
• Requires UL connection

For ages 3 and up.

Approx. 38"L x 74"W x 58"H.


2.6 (based on 5 customer reviews)

By Angry Mom
Terrible design...don't buy this.
Comments about Product:
Directions are terrible. "Cover 1" and "Cover 2" are not 2 separate pieces as indicated in directions. It took an act of God to get this together and it still isn't right. A nightmare. Don't buy this unless you want a lot of frustration.

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By Norma
Disappointed. Returned it.
Comments about Product:
Santa brought this for my 8 year old. She was so excited to set it up, but an hour later was in tears. This thing is *VERY CHEAPLY MADE* and a major pain in the butt to setup. It goes together with flimsy PVC tent "poles" that form a frame on top of the box spring. With the frame together (which is an exercise in patience), you're supposed to affix the netting. Good luck! We gave up after 20 minutes, 10 of which were spent trying to reconcile the picture in the manual (which shows two separate sections of fabric) with the single tangle that comes in the box. Once affixed, if you get that far, you're supposed to bend you mattress to sneak it through the opening. Ha!

Frustrating setup aside, the canopy itself is so cheaply made it's a wonder that anyone has given this thing more than 1 star. I thought for sure my finger was going to poke right through while I tried to wrestle it over the frame.

Great idea, poor implementation. Keep looking.

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By Moore fun
Any princess would love this tent
Comments about Product:
We have had the tent in use for a month and it is a big hit, especially the chandelier light! There are lots of pieces, but assembly is not too complicated if you follow assembly instructions to save time and frustration.

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By jack
Terrible directions
Comments about Product:
Terrible instructions on the assembly of the "covers". "2 man job 20 minutes"....hardly accurate. Very difficult to get the "1st cover" configured.

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By Ann M
Beautiful tent.
Comments about Product:
We had some trouble getting this together, I don't know if it was the directions or us. The cover was especially hard to figure out (the directions make it look like there are two). My daughter's bed is platform style and there is no box spring, so it was an awkward fit and the side does bow out a little. I notice it but she does not. Anyone who has seen it--in person or by photo--has been amazed at how beautiful it is. The chandelier is fantastic. Brighter than a nightlight but light enough to read by. Love that it plugs in because my daughter falls asleep with it on all the time.

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