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Splash Paddle
Splash PaddleSplash Paddle

Splash Paddle 1033622

Splash Paddle
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Ready, aim, splooosh! This pool paddle game's got as many ways to make a splash as there are kids! Two 11"-diameter rackets feature a soft, springy fabric center designed to send the set's 2-3/4" ball speeding to an explosive splash-landing. They're also vented so that kids get to whack the water when they hit the ball–splat…splatttttttter! It's a shower of fun!

• Splashing paddles pool game
• Paddles feature soft, springy fabric center that send the ball speeding
• Paddles include vents so kids can slap the water and make a splash
• Includes 2-3/4" ball; two 11" splash racquets

For ages 4 and up.

Paddles are 11"
Ball is 2-3/4"
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