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Gizmo the Robotic Dog and Bluetooth Speaker favorite
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  • Playful and funny voice, touch and app-controlled robotic dog performs tricks at your request!
  • Responds to 13 voice commands including sit, roll over and go to sleep
  • Wags his tail and makes authentic puppy noises when touched
  • Download the free app for more features: program a series of tricks, feed him, or play music from your phone to watch Gizmo dance
  • Moves quickly across any smooth indoor surface
  • Includes USB charger and manual; colors may vary
  • Ages 8 and up.

Sit! Dance! Play music! Good boy! Gizmo the Robotic Dog does it all!

Playful and funny, this voice and touch-controlled robotic dog will quickly become your family's next best friend and the life of the party. He obeys 13 voice commands (including sit, roll over, and go to sleep) and responds with a wagging tail and authentic puppy noises when his chin is scratched or his back is rubbed. You can download the free app and enjoy even more features—program a series of tricks, feed him and watch his "growth", or play music from your phone to watch Gizmo dance.

Gizmo's legs have wheels that help him move quickly across any smooth, indoor surface; and his eyes light up as he plays along. This programmable pup is truly man's best friend!

Colors may vary. USB charger and manual included.

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