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Super Easter surprises for under 25 dollars


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Fairy Toys

Are fairies real? Ask a child that question, and they’ll look at you as though you’ve just asked the silliest thing ever. Of course they’re real, and our fairy toys, fairy dolls, and fairy figurines are just what children need to bring the wonderful world of fairies to life before their very eyes. Our fairy toys include enchanting fairy dolls and perfectly sized fairy cottages for creative play; fairy design kits for drawing fun; fairy bowers to create magical hideaways; and fairy wings and tea sets for make believe. We also offer exquisite fairy figurines that feel equally at home out in the garden or in the family room.
Woodland Fairy Home

Woodland Fairy Home and Posable Fairy Dolls

$10.98 - $26.98
More Styles...
Fairy Design Kit

Fairy Design Kit

$8.98 - $19.98
Glow-in-the-Dark Fairies

Glow-in-the-Dark Fairies

More Styles...
Rose Garden Make An Entrance

Make An Entrance

Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Magnetic Dress-Up Set

More Styles...
Glow Fairies Soft Dolls

Glow Fairies Soft Dolls

More Styles...
Valentine Fairy in a Heart Pocket

New! Valentine Fairy in a Heart Pocket

More Styles...
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