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Having a hobby benefits kids in many different ways. Hobbies are avenues of self discovery and personal accomplishment. Hobbies are also great educational tools, and they help kids learn to set goals and problem solve. Having a hobby might even inspire a future career. But most of all, hobbies are just plain fun! HearthSong's great collection of hobby toys can plant the seed that grows into a lifelong passion. Whether they’re drawn to magic, drawing, woodworking, writing, cooking, painting, rock tumbling, or crafting, our delightful hobby toys will enrich a child's life while allowing them to discover their own favorite hobbies.
Dream Catcher Kit

New! Dream Catcher Kit

Hearts-of-Gold Notebooks

Hearts-of-Gold Notebooks

Large 3 lb Rock Polishing Kit with Rubber Tumbling Barrel and Assorted Rocks

Rock Tumbler

$8.98 - $139.00
Puzzle Making Machine with Foam Boards and Adhesive Sheets

The Puzzle Maker

ToolKid® Child's Hand Tools Set & Handsaw Special

ToolKid® Child's Hand Tools

$34.98 - $210.00
Watch the Video
More Styles...
Buildex Blaze Racer Kit

Buildex Blaze Racer Kit

Watch the Video
Creative Coloring Books

Creative Coloring Books

3-D Constructive Fun Home Kit

3-D Home Kit

$24.98 - $54.98
Watch the Video
Deluxe Magic Set

Deluxe Magic Set

MaKey® MaKey

MaKey® MaKey

Watch the Video
Colorful Sandy Foot Casting Kit

Sandy Feet Casting Kits

More Styles...
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