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Garden Fairy Wall Stickers
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Garden Fairy Wall Stickers
$39.98 - $69.98
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$39.98 - $69.98
A picket fence indoors? Absolutely! It's the best way to attract fairies and butterflies to your child's room. Made of sturdy pine, our cheery white Picket Fence hangs on the wall like a frame where imaginations can grow (set of two 36-1/2" x 28" x 1" panels). What lies beyond? A colorful, captivating child's garden created with our repositionable Garden Fairy Wall Stickers (sold separately). Set includes three 7" fairy stickers and six 6" butterfly stickers (some with 3-D wings), stem and leaf stickers, and six big nylon flowers (three each 10" diam. and 12" diam.).

• Set of two wooden picket fence panels hangs on wall
• Use repositional garden fairy wall stickers to create a fanciful garden setting
• Set includes three fairy stickers, 6 butterfly stickers, stem and leaf stickers, and six big nylon flowers

Picket fence panels are 36-1/2" x 28" x 1"
Butterfly stickers are 6"
Fairy stickers are 7"
Three Nylon flowers are 10" and three are 12"
Create a Garden Room Picket Fence (Set of two)
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Garden Fairy Wall Stickers
In Stock!


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By cfinn
Comments about Product:
I thought these looked pretty in the picture so I gave it a shot and ordered them. They are even prettier in person. The flowers are huge! I love them.

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