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3-D Star Theater 3






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Kids can look right through the roof into the night sky. They input the time, date, and place, and this stellar planetarium will project that sky onto the walls and ceiling, with every constellation, large star, and planet labeled. When kids aren’t learning about the sky, it makes a great night-light in their room. Includes a 3-D tour of the universe via the interactive astronomy software. An MP3 audio tour to accompany the Planetarium is available for download on Uncle Milton's website. Sorry, gift wrap not available.

• Planetarium projector for kid's room
• Input time, date, and place
• Will project a particular sky onto the walls and ceiling
• Makes a great night-light
• Includes 3-D tour of the universe

For ages 8 and up.


Not as expected

Reviewed on: 1/15/2013 12:00:00 AM

I bought this gift for my daughter (7) for xmas because she loves space and stars. I thought it would be perfect for her room. The toy only works well if you hold it two feet away from the surface you want to project from (difficult if you want it to be on the ceiling)...otherwise you can see the stars and words but its all blurry. Very disappointed. Do not buy it.


Not worth it!

Reviewed on: 12/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

Very disappointing. Gave to grandson for Christmas. Catalog did not show size or give explicit directions which were included in box with globe which indicate specific room size and other criteria required for star display. Also,the fact that you need to DOWNLOAD from a computer in order to get the constellation locations was not clear in the catalog information. Very disappointing.


Shoddy product

Reviewed on: 12/26/2012 12:00:00 AM

This is a very shoddy product. It does not project clearly unless about 2 feet from the ceiling, making it unpractical in most children's bedrooms. When it does project, the images are dark, on a dimly lit background. When further away from the ceiling, as on a chest of drawers or table, the images are blurry. Unusable and not much fun for kids.