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Swimline BattleBoards BattleStation Squirter Set



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Fabulous fun is afloat for two to four kids with this Swimline BattleBoards BattleStation Squirter Set from Swimline. The set features heavy-duty construction. It encourages active pool play that's irresistibly entertaining.

For up to four kids, the BattleBoards BattleStation Squirter Set offers even more fun than the original Battleboards Squirter Set. This set includes two boards (colors may vary). Each board has two squirters and a splash screen. The set also includes an awesome BattleStation Docking Port. Not only can the two BattleBoards use this as a dock, it's also like having two boards in one! It features four more squirters (two for each side).

BattleBoards BattleStation Squirter Set

• 2 Battleboards
• 2 squirters for each board
• Splash screen for each board
• BattleStation Docking Port with 4 squirters and 2 splash screens

For swimmers ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

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