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Blue Plaid Sand-Free Tote Bag



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Like our Sand-Free Mats, this Tote Bag keeps your belongings free of sand when you're at the beach. Sand-Free uses unique and patented technology (first developed for the military) to create a sand-free and more comfortable outdoor environment. Sand, dirt, or dust that used to end up at the bottom of your bag, all over your belongings, and throughout your car and home now falls straight through your tote bag and will not come back up. The durable tote bag features sturdy construction with a heavy-duty strap and handle and reinforced box stitch seams. Imported in blue plaid.

• Sand-free tote bag for the beach
• Keeps your belongings clean
• You will no longer track sand home
• Sturdy construction
• Heavy-duty strap and handle and reinforced box stitch seams

15"H x 17"W x 7-1/2"D

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