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Connectagons Under the Sea Constructive Building Special with Storage Bag



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Kids uncover countless tropical adventures as they construct bold, colorful undersea sculptures with this set of 210 ocean - themed interlocking wooden pieces.

Includes 10 base pieces of coral, plus 82 beautifully detailed, boldy colored tropical fish, 54 discs of additional cool coral patterns, and an assortment of 64 swimming seahorses, starfish, shells and sea turtles.

It's an exciting, interactive way to learn about sea life while building spatial thinking skills and coordination, not to mention the endless opportunity for imaginative play. Make your own seascape room decoration that you can change with the tide!

Completely compatible with all of our other Connectagon building sets.

For ages 4 and up.

• Completely compatible with all of our other Connectagons building sets
• Includes 210 ocean - themed interlocking wooden pieces
• Exciting, interactive way to learn about sea life while building spatial thinking skills and coordination

Storage Bag: 14"H x 12"W


Connectagons are not only fun for childern!

Reviewed on: 10/11/2013 11:57:00 AM

I bought these to use in a assisted living home, and was not sure how the residents would act over them but every week they ask for them. and these are fun for all ages.


Very popular toy in our house!

Reviewed on: 5/20/2013 12:00:00 AM

Our family and my daycare kids love these! My only complaint is that I wish they were made out of plastic. 2 of the base pieces broke the first time we used them. I have a lot of the connectagons including the tree one and had to order a replacement because it broke as well. Other than that we love them and have hours of fun with them!


Unique gift for the kid who has it all!

Reviewed on: 2/4/2013 12:00:00 AM

It was a very fun unique gift, which my 6 year old granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed.


Great choice!

Reviewed on: 1/4/2013 12:00:00 AM

My 4 year old son loves this! We purchased this toy as a Christmas present. He loves seeing how high he can build it, organizing the colors, and that there is no wrong way to put it together. Also if his baby brother knocks it over we just start again. I love that it helps his hand eye coordination and builds strength in his hands that will helping his writing skills. His teachers suggested models or sculpture activities. This is both. I also have a blast doing it with him which is a bonus. The colors and art work on the pieces are even better in person. Beautiful.


awesome constructing fun

Reviewed on: 10/3/2011 12:00:00 AM

Bought for our nephew. Though he never seemed to take to Legos or duplos, he loved these. Great product!