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Skookie Super Cookie Skillet





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If you like cookies, are intrigued by new recipe ideas, and need to save time, you'll love Skookie! Simply layer your favorite brownie- or cookie-mix dough in the bottom of the skillet, bake a few minutes, and serve in any number of fun new ways (like with a scoop of ice cream melting in the middle)–yum! Also great fun for personal pizzas, fajitas, and so much more, the 7" skillets feature a naturally seasoned finish, so they're ready to sizzle up something spectacular right out of the box. Set of two skillets includes two grip-handle hot pads and a package of delicious cookie mix.

• Skookie extra-large cookie skillet
• Bake cookies, brownies, pizza, fajitas in a skillet
• Kit includes two 7" skillets and two grip-handle hot pads
• Includes package of delicious cookie mix
• Easy and fun way to invent super yummy new treats

Skillets are 7" diam.

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