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Deluxe Platform Swing


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Extra Shipping Charge: $10.00
Deluxe Platform Swing




Extra Shipping Charge: $10.00


Equal parts floating play space and swinging fun, our deluxe platform swing is the perfect place for hanging out with a friend. It features rope and a sturdy padded steel frame in four pieces that assemble into a 40" x 30" hanging platform; holds up to 250 lbs. Adult supervision required; requires two adults for assembly (hanging hardware not included). Sorry, gift wrap not available.

Super easy to hang from a branch with two of our super-strong polyurethane Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hangers. Just loop around a sturdy branch (must be at least 10" to 12" in diameter), attach your swing's ropes to the heavy-duty carabiner clip, and you're done! Approx. 50"L. Requires adult installation (be sure to adjust according to individual swing hanging instructions).

• New, fun shape is big enough for kids to share
• Sturdy padded steel frame with rope seat
•Great way for kids to play outdoors together
• Holds up to 250 lbs.
• Adult supervision and assembly required
• Hang it in a snap with two of our Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hangers

For ages 5 and up. 

Platform: 40" x 30"
Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger: 50"L

Buy 2 or more Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hangers at $9.98 each


4.8 (based on 43 customer reviews)
  • Excellent Quality, Kids love it
    9/23/2016 9:44:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This swing is so weather resistant, I have purchase 3 for different areas. Kids play it it without fighting, because they all fit. It has held a grown man, a teenaged boy, plus 3 pre-schoolers all at once and is till going strong. It is at least 4 years old. and stays outdoors year round.
  • Great idea.
    4/28/2016 8:02:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    This is great. I wish it was a bigger so two children could fit comfortably. You need a very large branch to put it on.
  • The kids love it!
    3/9/2016 3:05:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    My kids fell in love with this swing. It is built well and very durable.
  • fun!
    1/24/2016 4:54:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    My 5-year-old and 3-year-old grandson love this swing. The best thing was to see the five-year-old quietly lying on it, swinging back and forth and watching the sky. He's never quiet!

    The swing height is adjustable. I also purchased the easy tree hanger, putting the swing up was a breeze.
  • Great outdoor swing
    12/26/2015 2:11:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    Another grandmother's review: quote from almost 8 year old grandson, "this is the best thing in our yard, awesome?" And from his 3 year old sister, "awesome". That really says it all but I will add, as all siblings will do, our grandchildren sometime argue who goes on it first and at other times they are snuggled up together enjoying the swing. Our 3 year old has even fallen asleep snuggled up with her head resting on her brother while both relaxing and enjoying. Their parents are also enjoying the swing.
  • Amazing product!
    10/11/2015 3:10:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    I read the positive reviews before purchasing this swing. The reviews don't lie, it is amazing! WE have a 12 and 8 year old who wanted a swing. We considered a tire swing, but was worried about the maximum weight. I came across this swing, and knew this would be perfect. It is sturdy, and my kids absolutely love it. They are on it all the time, together and alone. They sit, stand, and lie down on it. I do recommend the easy hangars for an additional cost. My only issue was that we received the swing first and had no communication on the hangars. We had to call them, and they told us they were back ordered. We did get them when they said we would, but needed to call again to confirm. They were very friendly on the phone. Also note that you cannot adjust the height from the ground, but only use the nylon rope to level it. We needed it higher from the ground and had to take it to the next double knot, and double knot it around the black piping, but it worked. This swing is very worth it!
  • Deluxe Platform Swing
    9/20/2015 2:01:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    Outstanding product. Sturdy, well made, grandchildren used it all summer and still looks new. Probably the best outdoor toy I've ever purchased. Strongly suggest that the buyer also purchase the hanging hooks. They are worth every penny.
  • Well Built Platform
    9/17/2015 7:33:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    I purchased this for our 4 grandkids to play with when they are over. We hung it from a tree so there is a lot of swing room. They (ages 5-1) all love it and use it each week when they come over. Some prefer it over the traditional swing. It is very sturdy and built very well. It is a must if you have a tree to hang it on. They will have a generation of enjoyment on it.
  • Was great for taller swing set, now too long
    7/17/2015 11:23:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    My daughter loved this swing when we had it attached to a taller swing set. When we got the shorter set, this hammock is now too long. Customer service says there is no way to shorten it. Bummer. Otherwise WAS super fun!
  • Absolutely love it!
    6/3/2015 10:55:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    The kids have been on this swing pretty much every non-rainy day since it was installed a couple months ago. Some days for hours and hours! Our toddler, 5yo and 7yo can all ride together. The older ones like to be pushed but can also have fun without a grown-up standing around to push, which is a big plus in my book. The toddler does fine riding it solo too. So much fun!!!!! Highly recommend!
  • Grandchildren love it
    4/2/2015 1:04:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    its like a swinging hammock for children...so much fun
  • KIds love this!
    4/2/2015 11:24:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    We have active boys age 6 and 9. They both love this as do their friends. Easily hung it from a tree--branch does not have to be entirely level. Assembling the swing seat does require 2 sets of adult hands.
  • Wonderful for the whole family!
    2/7/2015 6:33:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    We all love this swing! We range in ages of 4 to dont ask! Even grandma comes over and lays on it like a hammock! Our traditional swing set has had no use since we put this up. The only thing that I would warn against...Shipping. It doesnt come directly from them and it does take extra time in getting it. Plan accordingly. It is still worth the wait.
  • swing
    2/6/2015 6:01:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    haven't opened it yet, as it is a birthday gift for my grandson. He is autistic, and loves to swing. i'd be glad to do this survey for you the beginning of March.
  • Excellent product from a crap company
    2/6/2015 5:09:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    The product itself is great. High quality, strong construction. I expect it to last quite a while. The follow through and customer service at Hearthsong is another matter. This was to be a Christmas gift. It was listed as delivered while it was not. WHen I called to check on it I was told it was on back order and would not arrive until February. I had to request an email confirming that fact. Then I was emailed and told it would arrive on Dec. 28th - So I told my daughter Santa was making a special delivery to our house because it was so large and it would be there when we got home. NOT SO. No EMail. WHen i called about it customer service rep sounded tired and as if this was such a common issue she could not be bothered to be more concerned. I called again in three days. New rep says I am being assigned a special rep and that this person will send me an email with a tracking number and that it was definitely on the truck. 4 days later NO EMAIL. NO PACKAGE. I gave up. My daughter no longer believes in Santa or his lying liar hole. Package arrives out of the blue over a week later. The bad thing is that they seem to be the only people who have this particular product online so I suppose they can do what they want if you really want it. Just wish it hadn't been slated for a Christmas gift.
  • Hard to assemble!!
    12/27/2014 5:37:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    This may be a very nice swing, looking forward to better weather to try it out. My husband and I tried assembling it together on Christmas Eve and simply could not do it. The ropes come preattached to the outer bar which is in 4 pieces. There was not enough give in the ropes to allow the bars to be easily assembled. The next day it took 3 strong and fairly handy men over an hour to get the thing put together. Do not order unless you have help to assemble! Hearthsong, why not just ship the item assembled?
  • Envy of the neighborhood!
    12/1/2014 3:29:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    I bought this swing for our kids last year for Christmas. We had a regular disk swing that the kids hated. Let me tell you....his swing is going non-stop! The kids love it because more than one can get on. It was easy to hang and the only problem we have had is the neighbor kids being in our yard constantly!!!! Would definitely recommend it.
    11/30/2014 3:27:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    Best gift I ever gave my grand children. 2-3 kids easily fit on it. Grand daughters did want it put away once because they said that's all their friends wanted to play with when they visited. They are 9 and have a 3 year old brother that loves it too!
  • Absolutely delighted!!
    11/4/2014 2:20:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    My 6 year old and 9 year old are absolutely delighted with this tree swing. They spend HOURS out there on the swing. Wish we'd purchased this sooner!
  • Really fun!
    10/15/2014 2:38:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    We have had this swing for a year and it's the one thing in the yard that the kids still want to consistently play with! (We also have a really long zipline and a slackline.)Our kids are 13 and 10 and they love it even at that age, but our young friends love it, too. Ours swings really high and you can lay on your belly and back and pretend you are flying, or just lay on it and gaze up at the tree.
  • SO MUCH FUN!!!...for kids and adults ;)
    9/29/2014 10:19:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This swing is so much fun! The kids can't get enough of it and neither can the adults! This works best when it can be hung from an even branch or board. It is sturdy and the assembly was straightforward but does require an extra set of hands! I would highly recommend this swing. It is so so much fun!
  • One of the best purchases I've ever made.
    8/10/2014 8:59:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    I purchased this swing 2 years ago and it remains one of my chidlrens' favorites. I used it to upgrade our large wood playset in place of two swings that were there. It's very large and we use it quite low to the ground as my children like to stand on it and swing. I've seen as many as 4 children of diffferent ages, working together, some sitting and some standing and pumping, having the best time. My youngest son has used a platform swing in occupational therapy and I find this a wonderful hoome alternative before and after school. It's a great option for children with sensory issues as well as neurotypical kids. And although you are supposed to take it inside in the winter, we've found swinging in the snow rather awesome. Highly recommended.
  • Lots of Fun!
    7/23/2014 10:18:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This a great swing for any age. My 2 girls love it and all the neighbor kids always want to come over and play on it as well. We get lots of compliments on such a "cool" swing. Very sturdy as well.
  • great item!
    7/3/2014 1:28:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    Excellent Item! Girls love it! we took down the tire swing which was rarely used and put this swing up and the girls spend hours on it.
  • great fun
    5/15/2014 8:36:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    My kids are getting older, but they and their friends will still go outside and play on this swing when they won't play other things outside. It is quite sturdy. We were able to get it over a large tree branch by throwing it over with weights. The branch slopes upward and I was worried that the side higher up would slide down, but once you have it anchored on the limb it really doesn't move. Everyone notices it and asks where we got the swing.
  • Easy Set Up
    5/9/2014 10:37:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    We happened to be in a neighboring town and saw a family enjoying this swing. We asked and they told us where to purchase. We have a big old oak tree in the back yard. The swing went up easy. Perfect swing for a couple of kids at a time. Our grand kids can't wait to come for the next visit.
  • Hammock fun
    5/9/2014 9:34:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    We bought this for our 7 and 5 year old who have been asking for a backyard playset. We bought this instead bc what they really wanted was swings. They push each other on it endlessly and then lie on it together too. It's so peaceful to stretch out on it and look up at the sky. I love that two can fit on it and that the hammock structure makes me feel very safe to have my 5 year old on it at higher heights. LOVE it.
  • Tons of Fun
    5/1/2014 9:49:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    Great for kids of all shapes and sizes...fun, entertainment and relaxation all in one!
  • Great product!
    4/25/2014 6:47:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    Wonderful swing. Both my 2 year old and teenager love it! I highly recommend it!
  • fabulous, sturdy swing
    4/21/2014 9:40:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    This is a fabulous swing. It is sturdy and unique and holds 2-3 kids. It is the first thing my children's friends head towards when they come to our house. it has been a great addition to our backyard
  • FUN!
    4/10/2014 11:54:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    My kiddos love this swing! We needed something, since they have out grown the swing set, the disc swing wasn't holding up anymore! Yesterday we had 7, 11 year olds waiting their turn to use this swing! Great fun!
  • Great swing-
    4/8/2014 9:31:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This was the best gift from Santa this year. My kids (6 and 9) and all of the neighborhood kids love it- we have it hanging on our front porch and it is always occupied. The only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars is the rubber foam covering the frame of the swing has ripped in several places. The first rip down to the metal frame occurred within hours of first use. We have to use electrical/or duct tape to reinforce it. Otherwise, Awesome swing!
  • Awesome -- Wish I hadn't waited
    4/4/2014 10:09:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    Saw this in the catalog and considered getting it for the kids for Christmas but was hesitant due to price (I also got the round-and-round swing). I finally bit the bullet for their upcoming birthdays, and I want you to know that it's worth every penny. My teen loves lolling about in it and my 9-year-old twins are outside til dark! Bravo Hearthson!
  • Love it!
    4/4/2014 10:46:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This is the best swing! Our 4 year old daughter and her friend loves swinging on it. If you are thinking about getting this swing, you wont regret it!
  • love, love, love!
    12/8/2013 8:40:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    got this last year for grandkids ages 3 and 10. They love it so much. They asked their dad to take it down when they were having friends over- said that's all their friends ever want to do when they visit!!
  • Grandkids love it!!!
    12/6/2013 10:57:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This swing is just what we needed. We have a huge oak tree in our yard that we've had a swing with the safety bar (for babies and young children) hanging in the tree for many years. As the grandkids have grown, they no longer fit in the baby swing. When we put this swing up, they were so excited, we had to feed them outdoors because they didn't want to get too far away from their new swing. It's sturdy, safe, accommodates two children easily, and is doing a good job of winning 'favorite grandparents' status for us. Excellant swing, don't hesitate to buy it.
  • Fun but needs improvement
    10/20/2013 7:34:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    The swing is sturdy and very large. The rope length is adjustable but the length you select doesn't hold-needs to be adjusted every few days as it slips. Because the swing surface is flat, kids want to sit, stand, or lay down. If they lay down when the swing is twisted to spin, the force of the spin seems to throw their face into the padded bar. We've had some fat lips from hitting the bar. That's more from position than te swing itself but I wanted to add that the swing shape lends itself to lots of ways kids try to use the swing. My daughter loves the swing. I personally wish we had the new circular rope swing instead as the cupped shape looks safer.
  • 10, 7, and 4 year old love it!!
    5/29/2013 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    Puts tire swing or conventional swing to shame, our guys love it and my wife is trying to figure out how to get one on the front porch.
  • Love it!
    5/3/2013 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    My kids love it. My younger ones enjoy using it together.My older kids love it as well. It is very sturdy.
  • Hours of fun!
    4/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This was a Christmas present for my four children from their grandparents.(ages 9,9,5,3) They will play together outside for hours! They really enjoy it! I love that it gives them an outlet for their energy by taking turns pushing one another. This was a great buy! I would recommend it highly!
  • Appeals to older kids
    4/7/2013 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    I was looking for a swing that would appeal to my 9 year old who has become a little bored with our existing swingset. It has been a huge hit! I hesitated to buy this swing since we don't have a tree large enough to hold it, but we were able to attach it to our existing swingset frame. My 7 and 3 year olds also love the swing.
  • Great Swing, Great Fun
    2/3/2013 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This was the best present from Santa this year. The kids (5 to 11) love it, their friends love it, and frequently kids we don't know play on it. Very stable platform and no safety concerns beyond just being a swing. Small design problem. The swing is awesome for "spinning". When the ropes are twisted together, a lateral force is applied to the point where they are attached to the swing frame. This causes the edge of the mounting holes to cut into the ropes. I had to restring the frame to eliminate that problem (photo should be attached) The fact that I did rework it is a testament to how much fun the kids have with this swing.
  • awesome swing
    12/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    The swing is hanging from a tree.. and my 3.5 yr old boy loves it... I send him really high and he holds the knotted rope and just laughs the entire time... the sitting area sinks down a little so it provides a perfect little seat ... all my friends who have seen the swing love it!! This one was marked from mom and dad.. didn't want santa getting credit for this awesome swing!!