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Durable Weather-Resistant Metal Spinning Seesaw





It goes up-'n'-down and spins around! Children never tire of this exhilarating ride that combines seesaw fun with the motion of a carousel.

Made from durable weather-resistant metal, it features a three-legged base for stability, and handlebars for a safe ride.

Kids 3-6 can use it as a traditional seesaw; with a minor adjustment, can add a thrilling 360-degree spin to their ride. Stakes are included to secure the ride to the ground. Adult supervision and assembly required.

For ages 3 and up; up to 90 lbs per seat. Sorry, gift wrap not available.

80"L x 24"H


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Reviewed on: 7/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

My husband put this toy together for our 3 yr old grandson and because he did not have a "posey" screwdriver, which was needed, he had to put in other screws. Also, the three metal holders that were placed on the rides bottom to hold the ride stable, kept on slipping upward. This made it necessary for an adult to stay nearby to step on them each time the ride went around a few times. Very incovenient. They were placed in different areas and also the ride was moved to different areas also but nothing helped.


Turns Your Backyard Into A Playground

Reviewed on: 12/28/2011 12:00:00 AM

My boys love this seesaw, and I surely wish I could use it too. This is actually much better than the seesaw we have at the playground, because this seesaw both spins and goes up and down. I love hearing the innocent laughter and joyful giggles, whenever my kids play on the seesaw, and this is definitely a toy that will make any background the favorite hangout spot. The seesaw should only be used under adult supervision, as it can spin around very fast. I received this Seesaw in exchange for hosting a giveaway and writing a review on my blog.


Great Product!

Reviewed on: 6/18/2011 12:00:00 AM

For the grandkids to use. Love it