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E-Z Sox






Gift Wrap for $4.95

Screen-printed with friendly faces so kids know which way to put them on. Loops help them pull them on all by themselves. Non-skid bottoms. Set of three pairs in a gift box. Imported.

• Non-skid bottoms
• Loops help kids pull them on by themselves
• Adorable animal faces bring smiles!
• Faces let kids know which way to put them on
• Set of 3 pairs comes in a gift box

Available Styles
Set 1: Pink Pig, White Rabbit, Gray Cat
Set 2: White Dog, Green Frog, Brown Bear

Small (fits shoe size 4-6)
Large (fits shoe size 7-12)


To be independent ...

Reviewed on: 4/3/2015 10:38:00 PM

I cannot speak about the quality of the handles but I can envision them getting quite a workout when a persistent toddler forces their foot into the sock incorrectly. I bought these for a future niece.