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Garage Pop Tent and Storage Cube



Set up shop in a snap with this Garage Pop Tent! It features two openings for convenient entrance and exit and has sides that are printed (both inside and out) to resemble a working full-service garage. Simple to set up and take down, it packs compactly into a spare tire carrying case when it's time to close up.

For ages 3 and up.

• Two openings for in/out
• Simple to set up and take down
• Packs into carrying case.

The Garage Storage Box and Mat includes a road play mat for mini cars and trucks to tool around; the cube's drop door with Velcro® tab closure encourages kids to park their toys inside for the night. Storage Cube folds flat when not in use.

• Garage Storage Box and Mat
• Includes a road play mat
• Velcro® tab closure
• Folds flat

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Very cute & compact - don't need 2-for-1

Reviewed on: 12/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

Lured by the combo sale and a bit misled by the picture, I purchased both the tent and the storage cube + mat. If I had been able to see a full image of the Garage Pop Tent, I would have realized that it includes a road mat inside. Getting both items (tent + cube with mat) seems like overkill, though the sale was very appealing. My nephew will love all of it, but I wished I had purchased just the tent.


Fun for little car lovers

Reviewed on: 10/11/2012 12:00:00 AM

Bought for 2 year old grandson's birthday. The garage popped up and he popped in to play with his cars on the garage floor. Nice toy to grow with him for the next few years. It can be easily recoiled and stored in inclosed storage bag for play another day. It's nice because it affords a great play area that does not take up continual floor space since it can easily be taken up and down.

Garage Pop Tent and Garage Storage Cube and Mat Special
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Garage Pop Tent
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Garage Storage Box and Mat
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