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Field of Daisies Hideaway




Of all the places for children to play, read, picnic, and dream, a field dotted with daisies is a top pick! Tucked beneath our gauzy green hideaway's yellow crown and cap of white petals, kids can imagine they're in their very own flower-filled meadow—a place of adventure and peace. Hang it indoors or out; in bedroom or playroom. 7' tall, approx. 12' in circumference. Use the set of 20 handmade nylon Flower Clips to add a bit of bloom to bower top and trailing yellow and white ribbons.

• Our gauzy green hideaway is like a field dotted with daisies where children can play, read, picnic, and dream
• Includes yellow crown and cap of white petals
• Hang it indoors or out; in bedroom or playroom
• Decorate with set of 20 handmade nylon Flower Clips
7' H; 12' circumference


Beautiful but...

Reviewed on: 4/28/2014 9:56:00 AM

This is a beautiful canopy, and appears to be of very good quality. However, you need to be aware that the color that is pictured on line is not the actual color of the tulle, nor does the top of the canopy look the same. On line the tulle is pictured as almost an aquamarine color, the tulle that comes with the canopy is actually much closer to a grass green. It is pretty, just not what I had expected. Also, online, the top is pictured as more of a solid white overlaying the yellow flower center that acts as the canopy hood. In reality, you see much more of the yellow because the white teardrop shaped petals are attached individually to the yellow center, spaced evenly apart, but attached by a very thin piece of the white material. Because of this, some of the petals can actually be attached with the wrong side facing out. You can only see that in the right light, and as you are assembling the canopy. Even with these errors, it is still pretty and special, but these are little difference that I noticed and am bothered by. Hopefully this review will help you.