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LED-Lit Poi Balls





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The word poi means "ball on a string"… and in this case, one that has evolved into a beautiful, imaginative, light-based performance art. Each of our two 4" LED poi balls has a control handle kids can use to alternate three different programmed lighting effects. Aside from being challenging, energizing, and generally tons of fun, mastering poi moves can help kids improve coordination, creativity, and self-esteem. Includes replaceable button-cell battery (and up to 150,000 flashes).

• Light-based performance art
• "Poi" means "ball on a string"
• Set of two LED-lit balls
• Each ball features three different programmed lighting effects
• Challenging, energizing
• Improves coordination, creativity, and self-esteem
• Includes replaceable button-cell battery (and up to 150,000 flashes)

For ages 7 and up.




Reviewed on: 4/7/2014 10:12:00 AM

the weight was light enough not to hurt but heavy enough for good rotation.


very entertaining

Reviewed on: 2/12/2014 9:42:00 AM

Bought these balls for my grandson who is always playing with some type of ball. He's always kicking, throwing, or bouncing something. These poi balls are a bigger challenge for him, and he loves the color changes.



Reviewed on: 1/7/2014 11:50:00 AM

These were gifts, so I didn't personally get to see them in action, but was told by the grandparents that the girls liked them.



Reviewed on: 12/2/2013 11:49:00 PM

I am very happy to report they are made of a very soft, almost vinyl like material. I was a little worried about buying this product for my oldest son as I have younger ones and I know with 100% certainty that someone is going to get smacked in the head at least once. I was worried that the balls may be made of a hard material making bumps that much worse, but there was no way to tell for certain from the pictures. I am so glad that they are so soft because I don't think these are going to cause any concussions or black eyes around here. As for the rest of the toy, the lights look wonderful even in a well lit room. The whole ball really glows beautifully. They come with little watch batteries that you can actually replace. I was worried these would be like most of the cheap light up toys you can get that have no way to replace the batteries. All in all, I am very glad I bought these.