Skylight Light-Up Rocket Set and Launcher




Young astronauts can shoot for the moon with this brilliant rocketry set that includes two light-up night rockets in addition to its three daytime rockets. Its special flexible launcher hose that allows kids to actually aim for any celestial body they wish also rates a gold star! Reusable rockets are 10"H; Set of Replacement Rockets includes two regular and two light-up.

• Unique light-up rocketry set!
• Includes 2 light-up night rockets and 3 daytime rockets
• Special flexible launcher hose allows kids to aim their rockets anywhere
• Reusable rockets
• Replacement rockets available separately

For ages 5 and up.



Fun and durable

Reviewed on: 1/17/2014 11:20:00 AM

My kids thoroughly enjoy this toy... inside and outside. My only concern was the fact that the extra rockets we purchased which lit up didn't all 'turn off' once engaged. Not sure of the life of these, but that was a bummer to have it happen on Christmas day and probably will die (if it hasn't already) by the time we get outside in the spring!


Unable to review at this time as it is a Christmas gift.

Reviewed on: 11/30/2013 1:24:00 PM

Unable to review at this time as it is a Christmas gift. The image for the flying monkey set was indistinguishable, must have been those yellow letters/numbers.