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Nontoxic Plastic Aqua Play Lock, Marina and Harbor World




Kids can enjoy hours of water play with these flexible, modular and extendable canal systems and accessories. Made of recyclable, nontoxic plastic, modular waterway components add a whole new dimension to imaginative play—a favorite is turning a water paddle wheel to create a current that moves a boat. Developed in Sweden. Lock, Marina and Harbor World includes: 1 lock (including 3 lock gates and 1 water pump), 1 paddlewheel, 1 harbor world (including 1 water gate,1 crane with bucket, 1 ramp and 2 stickers), 1 barge, 1 marina (including 1 ramp & 1 car lift), 1 car, 1 straight section, 1 T-section, 5 fasteners with sealing strips.

For ages 3 and up.

• Hours of water play
• Made of recyclable, nontoxic plastic
• Developed in Sweden
• For ages 3 and up
• Size: 49-1/4" L x 31-1/2" W x 8-2/3" H

49-1/4"L x 31-1/2"W x 8-2/3"H

A $130 Value Only $110.00 each

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