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Inline Training Skates






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Inline skating is an ideal way for kids to be active and have fun. Our set includes everything they need to get started skating: carry bag, skates, helmet, and adjustable elbow and knee pads. Available in sizes Small (12.5–2) and Medium (2.5–5.5). Choose Pink or Blue. For ages 3–6.

• Inline training skates set includes everything kids need to get started skating

•Includes carry bag, skates, helmet, and adjustable elbow and knee pads.
• Watch the video.

For ages 3–6

Available Styles

Small (12.5–2)
Medium (2.5–5.5)


My Six-Year-Old Loves These

Reviewed on: 7/28/2014 1:30:00 PM

I got this for my daughter’s 6th birthday in July 2014.

She’s been roller skating for about a year and has been ice skating a handful of times over the past 2 years, and is a coordinated and adventurous child who loves to be active.

The wheels don’t roll very fast since it’s a beginner skate but they work fine on our hardwoods, on the sidewalk and on the playground. She says they’re more difficult than her traditional roller skates but I think she likes them more.

The straps tighten up nicely to support her ankles so she has no trouble balancing. The hard plastic sides and tongue also help with that. She’s not able to get the skates on herself because the tongue is a little tricky to get in the shoe. The straps are also too hard for her to adjust on her own so I have to do that for her. She’s easily able to get all the pads on herself except the wrist/hand protectors. She is very pleased with the accoutrements: knee and elbow pads, wrist/hand guards with three Velcro straps, and a helmet. The pads are not bad quality but they’re obviously a kids’ toy.

I bought this on sale for $24.99 and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I probably would have not purchased it if it wasn’t on sale, but I haven’t priced inline skates elsewhere so I don’t know the value.