Secret Garden Hideaway and Make an Entrance Special




The Secret Garden Gauze Hideaway is a decorative canopy that envelops kids in an imaginary world of enchantment. Hang it from the ceiling over a play space or over a twin-size bed, or suspend it from a tree limb for outdoor play. Fluttering ribbons attached to a large, colorful flower canopy with room for several children to play. She can also walk under a canopy of colorful leaves and flowers with our Secret Garden Make an Entrance™. The included adjustable curtain rod makes it easy to install in a doorway, or it can also be hung on windows. Imported.

• Nylon tie-backs
• Room for several children to play
• Plastic storage case included
• Includes adjustable curtain rod
• Easy to install in a doorway or windows

For ages 3 and up.

Hideaway: 7' tall, approx. 12' in circumference
Make and Entrance: 38"W X 81"H curtain; 25"-47" adjustable tension rod

Available Colors

Secret Garden Hideaway and Make an Entrance Special Save $9.98 when you buy the Secret Garden Hideaway and Make an Entrance together. Only $59.98


Does not come with instructions or hanging materials

Reviewed on: 12/18/2013 11:57:00 AM

The product does not come with a hook or any other means by which to hang it from the ceiling. There also are no instructions included with the product, meaning that it is unclear how to hang it safely (i.e., what type of hook or screw would be strong enough to keep it up, how heavy is the product, etc). The catalog and website should clearly state that this product does not contain necessary items to make it immediately useable.