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From a very young age, children are drawn to music. At first it's largely just a way to make noise, which all children love. Later, they find delight in all the different musical sounds they can create. We have lots of ways to encourage kids to explore the wondrous world of music. Whether they like to play with musical toys just for fun, or desire real, high-quality musical instruments that can help them develop their musical ability, you'll find both here. Our musical toys are designed purely for their playtime enjoyment, while our musical instruments are meant to inspire a lifelong passion for music, or perhaps even a future career! Look here to discover child-sized guitars, trumpets, clarinets, bells, drums, lap harps, and more musical toys.
Airboard Jr.

New! Airboard Jr.

Watch the Video
Lyrical Lap Harp Special

Lyrical Lap Harp

$12.98 - $64.98
Giant Colorful Keyboard

Giant Colorful Keyboard

Watch the Video
Tabletop Mini C Steel Pan Drum

Tabletop Mini C Steel Pan Drum

Watch the Video
Cyber Drum

Cyber Drum

Digital Keyboard

Digital Keyboard

$29.98 - $79.98
Hape Wooden Happy Grand Piano

Hape Wooden Happy Grand Piano

More Styles...
Beat Box Snare Drum

Beat Box Snare Drum

Watch the Video

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