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Old-Fashioned Pull-Along Quackers the Duck
Old-Fashioned Pull-Along Quackers the Duck

Old-Fashioned Pull-Along Quackers the Duck 1429

Old-Fashioned Pull-Along Quackers the Duck
$26.98In Stock!
This old-fashioned pull-along "wood duck" makes an encouraging companion for tots just beginning to toddle. Cheerful and chatty, it flaps its rainbow wings, "quacks," and - thanks to its specially canted wooden wheels - waddles steadfastly behind any tiny traveler who pulls its string.

For ages 18 months and up.

8"L x 5-1/2"H x 5"W


4.7 (based on 6 customer reviews)

By janey
Comments about Product:
We ordered this adorable duck for our toddler for Christmas and he loved it. The bright colors, the quacking sound, and the duck movement as he pulled it were very appealing to him. Unfortunately, after only a few times of playing with it the thin wooden piece on the bottom came unglued and the wheels began to fall off. Very poor quality and a big disappointment.

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By Nicole
Fantastic Toddler Toy!
Comments about Product:
I purchased this last Easter as a gift and it has become one of my 2 year old niece's favorite toys. She absolutely loves pulling the duck along behind her! It makes a clacking noise and moves its head and wings as it's pulled along, which fascinates both my niece and her almost 4 year old brother. The toy is beautifully made from real wood, with bright, happy paint colors. It's a solid, heavy toy that does not tip over easily. The only con is that the string is too short to pull easily when walking--I'm sure that's meant as a safety precaution--but we just tied another length of string to the one provided and now my niece and nephew can comfortably pull Quackers along while walking through the house. I had initially hesitated at the purchase because the price seemed a little higher than I wanted to pay, but now I know that the price reflects the high quality of the toy and I feel it's worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this toy and I was delighted to see how excited my nephew was when he took the duck to PreK for his show-and-tell item this week. Wonderful purchase!!

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Comments about Product:
Granddaughter loves the ducky - she smiles each time she see's it and plays with it. She was 9 months old when she got it and is now 1 year old and still loves it.

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By Harper's mom
great well crafted toy
Comments about Product:
Papa gave our 18 m old daughter this toy and she loves it so much, I had to write about it. First of all, it is very well crafted (Czech, Europe) out of wood, with metal inner parts. Our daughter walks around the house pulling this duck along, without any prompting for a while, multiple times a day. She loves it! The duck turns its head from side to side and "click clacks", reminding you of a "quack noise". We also have a similar wood frog by Melissa and Doug, yet it doesn't make noise,so my daughter is not as interested. The only con is that the string is too short, yet I am pretty sure it know why: they don't want it to be a strangling hazard. We added a slightly longer string, so she can pull it behind her comfortably... just make sure you are around when your child uses it.

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By Ganna
I would buy this product again
Comments about Product:
It really is for younger than 18 months. Altho he liked it, the string was too short for him to walk with it, so he lost interest fairly fast

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By No Batteries Nana
Worth the wait
Comments about Product:
Superb handmade quality. Pull string needs to have an extension tied on to be useful for pulling.

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