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Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set
Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set

Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set 1011477

Oversized 3 in 1 Game Set
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Kids really get to stretch their arms and legs (and smiles) with this surefire formula for fun: super size x 3 different games = tons of outdoor-game fun all day. Set includes two oversized but super-light rackets, jumbo birdie and tennis ball, a 14" volleyball, pump, and an adjustable net. Can such big, light balls still be bouncy, we wondered? Oh, yeah!

• Kids really get moving with this great outdoor game (and smiles)
• Set includes two oversized but super-light rackets
• Set includes jumbo birdie and tennis ball, 14" volleyball
• Set includes pump and adjustable net
• Oversized balls are very bouncy

For ages 5 and up.

Volleyball is 14"

Cautionary StatementWARNING CHOKING HAZARD (1)
Not for under 3 yrs.


4.1 (based on 8 customer reviews)

By Mom of 2
Fun for all!
Comments about Product:
Got this for my 7 and 13 year old for Christmas - the whole family has been having fun with this. The net can be lowered for tennis by removing one portion of the poles. Once filled with water, the base is sturdy, and the net seems durable enough for backyard play. Love the inflatable balls - they are bouncy even on the grass. The only downside is that a roving raccoon or skunk bit into both inflatables and popped them in the night! Would buy again! (Any chance to buy just the ball replacements?)

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By mom
Fun but disappointed
Comments about Product:
This was a replacement for another set lost to flood damage. I was glad to finally find this set since it was not available at the store where the original one was purchased. This volleyball isn't as durable as the other one. After just a couple of hours of play the ball doesn't hold air and the seams are splitting. The grandkids have had a great time playing with this set but the volleyball is poor quality & probably won't last through the summer. Bummer!

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By mwea
Tons of fun!
Comments about Product:
These are very well made and even the adults had a blast!

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By birthday mom
Great Fun - Poor Manufacturing
Comments about Product:
Just bought this for my daughter's 6th birthday. It was a huge hit and enjoyed by all ages. Even the adults had fun playing with it. The oversized equipment is not just fun and funny, it's great for teaching young kids the concepts of these few sports and have them actually hit the ball. The only downsize it is made extremely cheaply. If you are willing to add something external to hold it down, like water jugs or sand bags then it's great. Filling the bases with water doesn't work enough and 2 plastic caps broke off while doing it. Also the metal clasps to hold the net onto the polls are too open and pop off a lot. We replaced with clips from home depot that close and now its great! So if you are willing to do a little fixing up with it then it should last and be a lot of summer fun. If not, skip it.

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By CA Grammie
3-in-1 Game Set
Comments about Product:
I purchased two sets to give to my grandchildren in CA and Michigan for Christmas. Last week the set was put up in California and I must say I was disappointed in the quality. The blow-up volleyball would not hold the air and the clips that attached the net to the poles were very flimsy and would not stay put. The birdie and racquets seem to work fine and the children love playing the games. I will call to see if the ball can be replaced and perhaps purchase different clips to hold the netting in place.

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By Leilib
Wonderful Playset - But..
Comments about Product:
Quick delivery, ease of set up, hours of play that the kids rave about!

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By Graceful Granny
Lots of fun
Comments about Product:
This was a gift for my 9 year old granddaughter that I can keep at my house for us to enjoy. Several adults and kids put it to use at the party and thoroughly enjoyed it. We did have to place a gallon jug of water on each side of the net bases to keep the net from getting knocked over and that took care of the problem. I know that we will enjoy playing with it over and over again.

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By mommymatters
Love it! Kids won't let me put it away!
Comments about Product:
Had a backyard party with 3 other families w/ 14 kids total. Had a wonderful time. Large size made it manageable for younger children.

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