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Rope Building Set
Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set Rope Building Set

Rope Building Set 421113

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Rope Building Set
Kids build imagination as they learn the ropes, using two simple knots to make a tent, a fort, a ship, or any other structure they can imagine. Each 36" aluminum rod has pliable ropes (18") at both ends that can be knotted together to create frames for countless structures. Encourage young architects to experiment with different techniques to determine how best to make their structures stable, then they' re ready to build free form or draw up a plan for their building project. Besides being a great skill to master, knot tying helps spatial development and manual dexterity. Great as an independent or group activity—kids can build as large or small as they like! Includes 23 rods, three 56" silk fabric squares, a carrier, and instructions. Add another set of three 56" Fabric Squares. Imported.

For ages 8 and up.

• 23-Piece Rope Building Set with Fabric Squares
• Use two simple knots to make a tent, a fort, a ship, or any other imaginable structure!
• Knot tying helps children with spatial development and manual dexterity
• Great as an independent or group activity

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Rope Building Set


Rope Building Set
Rope Building Set
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2.7 (based on customer reviews)

By fastredthing
Great idea, but doesn't work well
Comments about Product:
This really is a great idea, unfortunately it just doesn't work very well. My 8 year old son loves building tents but lost interest because of the difficulty in tying the poles together. The structures fall down easy no matter how many braces we added.
He had more fun using the braces as swords. Save your money.

fun for older kids
Comments about Product:
My 5 and 8 year old boys were always constructing tents and forts out of cardboard and sofa cushions, so we're all happy with the idea that they now have designated toys (not my furniture) to use for building. They have spent hours redesigning tent ideas and playing inside their forts. That said, I'm only giving this 4 stars because it is very hard for a kid to tie these poles together. I know the product states it's for age 8 and up, but my 8 year old is easily frustrated and doesn't have the knowledge yet of how to construct something that won't fall down. The result is that I have pretty much built every construction for them, which is fine - I enjoy stuff like that. Once I get the frame in place, they use clothespins to clip on the sheer coverings, and then I don't see them for hours. The rods are nice quality - strong, and well wrapped with the nylon. The sheer coverings seems a little flimsy, but they've held up to some serious pulling and stretching, so no problems there. I definitely recommending ordering a second set of sheers just for coverage. My only real complaint about the product is the lack of instructional detail. I thought they would at least have a suggestion for "how to build" a basic structure, but our set came with nothing. It was only after some serious playing around that I figured out I could tie TWO poles together to make taller poles, and then use three of those to make a tee-pee structure. That, for now, is the most stable for little kids. Then we use the extra poles to add tunnels, supports, rooms, etc to our main tee-pee tent. I recommend this for older kids who enjoy the challenge of building things (mine are young enough that they prefer playing inside something already built), or for any family with an adult who is up for the challenge of fort construction. We've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it.

By Mom to Boys
Cool concept, hard to use
Comments about Product:
This is a great product in theory, and the poles are well-constructed. However, it is very difficult in practice to use, even for older children. My 9 and 11-year old sons have not been successful in building a stable structure with this. It collapses easily, and takes someone experienced with knots and building to make it work well. (Boy Scout knot tying apparently isn't enough!) It has been a big disappointment to the boys, and to me as well, since this was a very expensive purchase that will get almost no use. Please note that the fabric panels are sheer, not opaque, which was also a disappointment to the kids.

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