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Sewing & Knitting

Sewing and knitting are rewarding hobbies and wonderful avenues for creative expression. The skills kids learn can help them make all kinds of neat things with our children’s sewing machines—from beautiful blankets, quilts, and scarves to colorful potholders and cute toys. HearthSong has a great collection of kid-friendly tools and essential supplies that will inspire a host of sewing and knitting endeavors. Find kids’ sewing machines, looms, craft kits, quilt kits, yarn, simple sewing kits for beginners, and “sew” much more.
Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt™ No Sew Craft Kit

Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt™ No Sew Craft Kit

Watch the Video
Hook and Loop Potholder Set

Hook and Loop Potholders Set

$12.98 - $19.98
Singer 8-Stitch Function Sewing Machine

8-Stitch Function Sewing Machine

$39.98 - $169.00
LoopdeLoom Weaving Kit

New! LoopdeLoom Weaving Kit

Watch the Video
Threadz Weaving Kit

Threadz Weaving Kit

More Styles...
Dressmaking Workshop

Dressmaking Workshop

My First Sewing Kit

My First Sewing Kit

Beginners Yarn Craft Kit

Beginners Yarn Craft Kit

Knot, Smile, and Cuddle

Knot, Smile, and Cuddle

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