Gifts for Tots + Toddlers

Gifts for Tots +Toddlers
gifts for tots and toddlers

Little ones are filled with wonder and curiosity as they master skills and make milestones. Our collection of gifts features real-life inspired play things and toys that support their development as they grow so playtime is fun and nurturing!

rocking horse

1. Wooden Rocking Horse

A classic toy for a reason, this rocking horse transports kids to other worlds and times as they ride into adventure! Littles build strength and burn energy as they gallop across the plains or shifting sand dunes of their dreams. Its unique design ensures they can enjoy their trusted steed as they grow.

yoto set

2. Yoto Mini & First Fairytales Card

Enjoy audiobooks, activities, and more on-the-go with Yoto Mini, an innovative alternative to smart devices that provides all the educational benefits without the risks and distractions of internet-enabled devices so kids can play safely, and parents enjoy peace of mind. Using physical cards, kids explore their favorite topics and discover new and exciting ways to learn and play. Its unique design offers a myriad of conveniences from 20 hours of play time per charge to sleep sounds and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Paired with the First Fairytales Cards, tots and toddlers adore listening to these 10 classic fairy tales. Each story is performed with music and engaging sound effects. They are designed for the whole family to enjoy while they support the learning and development of young minds. Perfect for errands, tummy time and independent play time, or winding down before bed.

bouncy inflatable jump-alongs

3. Bouncy Inflatable Jump-Alongs

Whimsical and winsome, these bouncing critters turn shaking out the sillies into skill-building active play! Whether your tot is still mastering their gross motor skills or are constantly on the move, the sweet faces invite them to play. Add active movement to sedentary activities as kids bounce while they watch their favorite show or their older sibling’s soccer game. Create a pint-sized obstacle course on rainy days by having them hop around boxes or hop until the timer runs out before they move to the next challenge.

fire truck walker

4. 1956 Ford F-100 Ride-On Truck

Littles learning to move can’t resist this cheery walker toy! Made to support their journey from crawling to walking and beyond. Children delight in their progress and each step they make while holding and pushing this firetruck walker. Once they have mastered walking, it’s the perfect cart to pull and push their beloved toys and books around the house.

Shopping Cart

5. Wooden Shopping Cart

A versatile and well-crafted toy, this kid-sized shopping cart is the perfect accompaniment for years of pretend play! Children learn and develop essential social and motor skills as they imagine they are pushing their grocery cart through the store or load the cart up with their favorite baby doll or plush friend to head to the “park.” The potential of this lovely gift is limited only by their imaginations!

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