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  • My Image Bracelet Maker Kit
  • Download the kit's free MyPhotoSizer app
  • Upload your favorite photos form your computer
  • Includes 54 reversible image tiles, six printed art cards (24 images each)
  • Includes a non-toxic glue stick (to affix images to tiles), and 18 elastic bands for threading bracelets
  • Add the Refill Kit to keep crafting bracelets!

Express yourself! The My Image Bracelet Maker kit helps you craft a bracelet out of your favorite things. Simply download this kit’s free MyPhotoSizer app, which makes it fun and super easy to upload and crop photos from your computer. Then, it will automatically assemble a downloadable photo card with images ready to cut out and place on your image bracelet! Think pictures of friends, family, pets, flowers—anything that makes you happy. Includes 54 reversible image tiles that come in six colors, six printed art cards that each include 24 fun images, a non-toxic glue stick to affix images to tiles, and 18 elastic bands for threading bracelets.

The more bracelets you make, the more ideas you have, and the more people you’ll think of to give them to. Add the Refill Kit to make sure you can keep crafting. The Refill Kit includes a glue stick, 54 glitter tiles in six colors, six art image sheets with 144 images, and 18 elastic strings.

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For ages 8 and up.

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