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Flying Ornithopters favorite




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  • Flying Ornithopters model kit for kids
  • A fun and hands-on way to introduce kids to the physics of flight, as well as flight mechanics found in nature
  • Build four working models with lightweight parts
  • Rubber band powered propellors generate power to lift models into the air
  • Includes a 16-page full-color manual

Leonardo da Vinci was among the first inventors to learn about flight by watching birds, and when he did he produced technical sketches of an ornithopter, a mechanical aircraft that flies by flapping its wings like the way birds, insects, and bats do.

This kit includes instructions and a lightweight bamboo and plastic building system to build four ornithopter models, including a bird, bat, butterfly, and dragonfly. Wings (or propellers) generate lift and thrust by way of a wind-up rubber band engine, allowing the models to fly lightly and gracefully through the air like winged creatures. For children interested in aviation, this kit offers a marvelous introductory lesson as well as awareness of flight patterns all around us in nature. 

Includes building parts and a 16-page full-color manual. 

For ages 8 and up.

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