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Giant Posable Styracosaurus Natural Latex Dinosaur



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Constructed of soft, flexible latex rubber, this meticulously detailed prehistoric marvel looks and feels just like a real reptile, likely including the Styracosaurus. In addition to its extra-large size, authentic coloring, and lifelike texture, this mammoth model features jointed, posable legs, so it can assume almost any stance that characterized it in real life.

Styracosaurus means "spiked lizard" in Ancient Greek. A relatively large dinosaur with a bulky body reminiscent of a rhinoceros, it was characterized by a massive skull, tall, straight nose horn, and neck frill crowned with at least four large spikes (our model’s arrangement of horns is plentiful).

  • Realistic, extra-large size Styracosaurus dinosaur model
  • Carefully constructed of a soft, flexible latex rubber to feel just like dino skin
  • Meticulously detailed color and reptile-like texture
  • Features jointed, posable legs so it can assume realistic life poses

For ages 4 and up.

Approx. 30"L

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