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Rope Building Set

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Kids build imagination as they learn the ropes, using two simple knots to make a tent, a fort, a ship, or any other structure they can imagine. Each 36" aluminum rod has pliable ropes (18") at both ends that can be knotted together to create frames for countless structures. Encourage young architects to experiment with different techniques to determine how best to make their structures stable, then they' re ready to build free form or draw up a plan for their building project. Besides being a great skill to master, knot tying helps spatial development and manual dexterity. Great as an independent or group activity—kids can build as large or small as they like! Includes 23 rods, three 56" silk fabric squares, a carrier, and instructions. Add another set of three 56" Fabric Squares. Imported.

For ages 8 and up.

  • 23-Piece Rope Building Set with Fabric Squares
  • Use two simple knots to make a tent, a fort, a ship, or any other imaginable structure!
  • Knot tying helps children with spatial development and manual dexterity
  • Great as an independent or group activity

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Rope Building Set

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