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Sling Stix



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This innovative spin on your classic game of catch-and-throw is as addicting as it is fun. To play, stick the large rubber ball on the end of your slinging stick's super-sticky suction cup (try saying that five times) and aim for the suction cup on the end of your partner's sling stick. Then sling it as hard as you can, pressing the stick's trigger to release the ball! This challenging game is a great outdoor-active activity for the backyard, park, or beach. Set includes two 11¼" slinging sticks and one 5½" diam. ball.

  • An innovative way to play catch!
  • Use the sling stick to fling the ball by pressing the trigger
  • Try to catch it using the suction cup at the end of your own stick
  • Includes two slinging sticks and one ball
  • A fun and challenging outdoor-active activity!

Size: Sticks: 11¼"
Ball: 5½" diam. ball

For ages 6 and up.

Sticks: 11¼"
Ball: 5½" diam. ball

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