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  • Inspire healthy habits and introduce kids the lifelong benefits of yoga
  • Yoga Mat features a center line to help with pose alignment
  • Yoga Mat Set also includes a set of 6 illustrated cards guide children through basic yoga poses and exercises
  • The Nutty & Wiggles Card Game integrates yoga postures with surprise action for 1+ players
  • Learn simple yoga stretches while having fun with friends
  • Card Game includes 42 cards

This 64"L x 24"W starter-size yoga mat comes with a set of six double-sided mini flow yoga cards that outfit children with the simple tools they'll need to embark on a gentle yoga practice. Each vinyl card illustrates one sequence of poses (asanas) with a fun guided visualization, while the mat's center line helps with alignment. Includes drawstring bag. Imported.

For even more guided-yoga fun, pair the Backyard Yoga Mat Set with the Nutty & Wiggles Yoga Card Game (sold separately)!

The Nutty & Wiggles Yoga Card Game integrates yoga movement with surprise using Nutty and Wiggles high-energy activity cards. Children turn over one card at a time, exploring yoga poses. When a Nutty or Wiggles card is drawn, all players join in the energetic action! Drawing the single Nap Card finishes the game.

Game includes 32 Pose Cards, 8 Nutty and Wiggles Activity Cards, and 1 Instruction Card: 42 cards in all.

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For ages 3 and up.

Yoga Mat: 64"L x 24"W

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