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Snowtime Anytime Snowballs


If you had mittens on, you'd swear these snowballs were the real thing, minus the cold. They're not. They just have the same solid but lightweight, slightly crunchy feel to them, and you can throw, catch, bounce, and wash them year-round as the fun snowballs! Choose Set of 15 Snowballs or Set of 30 Snowballs.

  • Faux snowballs feel crunchy as real snowballs without the cold
  • Throw, catch, and bounce them year-round
  • Great for family fun and kids' parties
  • Washable!

For ages 3 and up.

Available Styles
Set of 15
Set of 30

Approx. 3" diam.

Sat Dec 14 05:44:06 EST 2019