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  • Set of three includes masks and cloaks
  • Fly through the air
  • Make hilarious screeching noises
  • Use like a slingshot

Ready, aim, howl! Howler monkeys are the loudest animals on earth, except for blue whales. This masked, cloaked monkey is not, technically, a howler monkey, but it is probably the loudest toy monkey on earth.

Slip your fingertips into its little mitts, pull back like a slingshot, let fly, and join in the laughter when the furry projectile screeches through the air. So much fun we offer a set of three.

For ages 6 and up.

11-1/2" long


Add-ons for extra fun

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$17.99 discounted from $19.98
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Wed Jan 20 12:17:05 EST 2021