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Exclusive Metal Tricycle with Slatted-Wood Wagon
Exclusive Dazzle the Plush Unicorn
Exclusive Polyester Dragon Wings
Exclusive Colorful Wooden Pumpkin Decorating Kit
Colorful Wooden Pumpkin Decorating Kit
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Limited Stock
Exclusive Set of Five Handmade Puppets
Set of Five Handmade Puppets
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Limited Stock
  Programmable Keyboard
Exclusive Santa's Oversized Velvet Toy and Gift Sack
Exclusive   32-Piece Igloo Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive Plush Colorful Dino Collection
Exclusive Owl Nesting Set
Personalized Name Puzzle
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Way to go, mom and dad-you made it through the "terrible twos"! The next few years of development in your child's life (between the ages of three and 4) will be full of magic and growth. At this stage of life, childrens' minds are like sponges-they soak up information from the environment surrounding them, and learn by observing their world. And yes-play is still the best way for kids to learn! HearthSong has toys, games, and activities that will reinforce your efforts to grow healthy kids! Your busy preschooler is on the move! Climbing and running; kicking, catching, and throwing a ball; riding a bicycle. Active indoor and outdoor play gets your kids off on the right path towards healthy living. And we have what you need to get the play going! Jump the day away on our Adjustable Indoor or Inflatable Trampoline. Get a move on in the driveway, or the basement, with a kid-friendly scooter, tricycle, bike, or wagon. If the weather's warm, introduce a love of safe water play with a water slide, sprinkler or splash pool. Choose from a wide variety of swings - the unique Sky Tent Swing, 2-in-1 BungeeBounce Swing, or any one of our favorite platform tree swings. Kids are also refining their fine motor skills (an essential for preparing to start school) by learning to draw and write letters; handle age-appropriate scissors and craft activities; and build with blocks and other constructive toys. Let them finger paint or draw with sponges and brushes on with our Double-Sided Inflatable Easel, great for outdoor art activities! Create unique designs on Paint-Your-Own-Pet Rocks, or build a fort with our Fantasy Fort Kits. Display and store their creations in our Hanging Art Frame and Portfolio. Or take art on-the-go with a Portable Folding Lap Desk. Your little one is also becoming more social, and shows effort in cooperating with friends, taking turns, and interest in problem-solving skills. They'll love taking turns on a teeter-totter or seesaw; learning the beginning skills of cornhole, croquet, or pool; or collaborating on building a sand or snow castle. It's time to let their imagination run wild! Choose from a variety of fantasy-themed toys and décor, where unicorns, fairies, dinosaurs, and dragons reign. Plush play sets, bedroom décor, blankets and sleeping bags, or tin tea sets will whisk little ones away to that world all children love! Encourage real-life pretend play (while fostering a sense of nurturing and boosting problem-solving skills) with a Mud Kitchen, Doctor Activity Center, Baby Care Activity Center, or Dollhouse. So whether it's messy, creative, or active-let your little ones learn the way they know best-through PLAY!
Tue Oct 20 22:41:29 EDT 2020