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Rock Tumbler Pro
Exclusive   ChalkScapes Sidewalk Chalk Rollers
Exclusive   16-Piece Chalkboard Build-A-Fort Kit
smART Sketcher™
Exclusive   32-Piece Full Chalkboard Build-A-Fort Special
Light-Up LED Pin Art
Exclusive Pottery Wheel Kit
Pottery Wheel Kit
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Exclusive Grow With Me Adjustable Art Easel
Exclusive Fairy Design Kit
Fairy Design Kit
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Exclusive Deluxe Calligraphy Kit
Exclusive Mandalogi Mandala
Mandalogi Mandala
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Exclusive ChalkScapes® Valentine Stencils and Window Chalk Markers
Exclusive   Color Pops Color-Your-Own Plates
Color Pops Color-Your-Own Plates
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Exclusive Set of Six Spray Chalks
Exclusive Color Pops® Crayons
Color Pops® Crayons
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Exclusive Chalk Markers Combo Pack (set of 11)
Exclusive ChalkScapes Enchanted Castle Set
ChalkScapes Enchanted Castle Set
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Why are arts and crafts projects so prevalent in the classroom during a child's early years? Experts say that for children ages 3-8, participating in arts and crafts is the most important way to help them grow and develop. If you give a kid a crayon (or chalk, or paint, or get the idea), they will CREATE! Providing the raw materials and the free time to craft offers so many benefits to your kids-developing fine motor skills, helping children focus, learning to interpret instructions, committing to finish a project, enhancing problem solving skills, using imagination, and developing patience. Arts and crafts activities also help develop mathematical skills in preschool children. They are learning about and recognizing different shapes, counting and sorting out their art supplies, and measuring out lengths and sizes of art materials. Sneaky way to throw some educational value into a fun activity! Kids also just love to spend time with their parents-what better way than to do arts and crafts together! While spending that quality time, you are creating lifelong memories to cherish. Birthday parties and slumber parties are the PERFECT time for craft kits such as paint-your-own-rock pets, or color-your-own plates, mugs, or pillows. Take the fun outside and create a chalktastic design with one of our Chalkscapes Mandalas Stencil Kits. Want to decorate the outdoors? Paint a birdhouse or a butterfly house, then watch your feathered friends flock to their artistic abode. Color your own garden stone. Or, take our Inflatable Art Easel into the backyard and start a family-friendly game of Pictionary with the included easy wash-off paints! If the kids are more interested in creating in the kitchen, choose from one of our Crafty Creations baking kits (pies, cookies, candies) and the whole family will come running, ready to taste-test that newest confectionary creation! Store your artwork in a handy Art Frame or Art Storage Portfolio. If you need a creative way to keep the little ones entertained on the long drive to grandma's house, be sure to bring along the Portable Folding Lap Desk. Get ready to witness creative art in process! It doesn't have to result in a masterpiece-it is the process of creating that has the greatest value!
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