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Sands Alive! Super Glow Set

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Sand that glows What a bright idea! Viewed through the special UV LED glasses, this sand's as cool as the moon. Which is why it is the most fun place on earth to play—there is so much to do, thanks to the included brick and pebble rollers, four stencils in assorted themes, two volcano molds, 6 PVC neon bugs, 6 PVC dino skeletons, 3 assorted jungle animal molds, and even a light-up flashing red LED module to make your own volcano come to life—in addition to four pounds of GLOW sand, Large Play Tray, UV LED glasses, and UV Pen Light (to write glowing message or draw an illuminating design)! A universe of fun!

  • Kids are sure to be awestruck by this glowing sand set
  • Tons of cool molds offer endless possibilities for creating a whole sand universe
  • UV Pen Light allows kids to make detailed glowing messages and designs
  • Encourages creative and imaginative play
  • Includes rollers, 4 stencils, 2 volcano molds, 6 PVC dino skeletons, 3 jungle animal molds, a light-up volcano LED module, 4 pounds of GLOW sand, Large Play Tray, UV LED glasses, and a UV Pen Light.
    For ages 3 and up.