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Tracer Remote-Control Infinity Loop Set



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Whizzzzzz, whooooosh, zoooooooom! Race cars really go with the glow when they hurtle up, over, and around this glow-in-the-dark track so fast that they almost disappear in streaks of light (thanks to cool light-trace technology and 500 mph-scale speed). Kids direct the action by remote control so they can see all 36 feet of the track—as well as how nimbly the two rechargeable tracer vehicles handle the high-speed dual-lane racing, lean into the specially banked corners, and fly through the loop. Set also includes two remote controllers. Fun for young racing aces!

  • Remote-control race cars and glow-in-the-dark track
  • Kids will have a blast directing the action across 36 feet of the track
  • Includes an infinity loop
  • Light-trace technology means the two rechargeable cars can zoom so fast they almost disappear in streaks of light
  • Set includes 2 remote controllers.

For ages 6 and up.