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Turn your iPad into a computerized bracelet loom with this cool kit’s special app and bracelet-making supplies!

Download the special i-loom app on your iPad to get a library of five exclusive patterns to weave along with step-by-step animated instructions for weaving them. You can also use the app to create your own patterns and add them to your pattern library.

Fit your iPad into the i-loom, and set up the spools of string and the bracelet winder. Select (or create) the pattern you wish to weave: your iPad will show you exactly when and where to make each stitch, following along as you work, while the 18 string slots keep your string easily accessible and tangle free.

This cool new take on a classic craft that’s all about friendship lends itself beautifully to sharing with a friend.

Includes i-loom, i-loom app, 6 string colors 5 i-patterns, 5 bracelet locks, 18 spool tags. Approx. 17½" x 13½" x 1".

  • IPad-powered bracelet loom
  • iPad fits into i-loom
  • Download the i-loom app onto your iPad
  • Includes library of five bracelet-weaving patterns
  • Invent patterns and save them to your library
  • Fun to share the creative process with a friend
  • IPad shows where and when to stitch as you weave

• i-loom
• i-loom app
• 6 string colors
• 5 i-patterns
• 5 bracelet locks
• 18 spool tags

Approx. 17½" x 13½" x 1"

For ages 8 and up.