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Mathagons Connectagons® favorite
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  • Hands-on math manipulatives wooden building set
  • Great for children just starting to learn basic math, especially kids who are tactile or active learners
  • Reinforces basic problem-solving skills, number sense, and understanding of number relations
  • Use them inside or outside the classroom
  • Versatile slotted wooden pieces
  • Includes 295 double-sided pieces printed with the numbers 0–20 and the symbols (+), (-), (=), (<), and (>)
  • Put together basic equations, play matching games, or just build!
  • Includes an instructional/informational pamphlet

Tactile learners can practice basic math and number recognition inside or outside the classroom with Mathagons, a fun math manipulatives building set designed by our education experts to help to reinforce basic problem-solving skills, further develop a child's number sense (the fluidity and flexibility with numbers and what they mean), and encourage the understanding of number relations (how numbers are interconnected and used in meaningful ways).

This versatile, multi-slotted wooden set includes 295 double-sided pieces printed with the numbers 0–20 and the mathematical symbols addition (+), subtraction (-), equals (=), less than (<), and greater than (>). Children can put together basic equations (vertically or horizontally), play memory games, or simply building using colored pieces! The sky's the limit when it comes to how children can interact and play with them. Includes an educational/instructional pamphlet.

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Educationally recommended for ages 3–7

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Add-ons for extra fun

Connectagons® Drawstring Storage Bag

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