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Exclusive 16-Piece Brick Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive   Swivel Spinner Hardware
Exclusive   16-Piece Chalkboard Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive   16-Piece Cabin Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive   Light-Up Mermaid Canopy
Build-A-Fort Additional Hook & Loop Tape
Exclusive 16-Piece Camo Build-A-Fort Kit
Build-A-Fort Kit Carton Clips (set of 16)
Exclusive Space Capsule HangOut
Space Capsule HangOut
Limited Stock
Exclusive 32-Piece Camo-Theme Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive 32-Piece Brick Build-A-Fort Kit
Exclusive   32-Piece Full Chalkboard Build-A-Fort Special
Exclusive Celestial Starry Night Hideaway
Celestial Starry Night Hideaway
Limited Stock
Shownfrom items
Who has not at some point in their childhood used blankets and furniture to create a makeshift fort? Or snuck a flashlight under the covers so you can get to the delicious ending of a captivating story late at night? Kids have always loved having a cozy spot of their own, creating their own secret space where they can make up their own rules. It's an essential part of navigating childhood. Portable play spaces provide the backdrop for all sorts of exciting adventures to unfold, and having a variety of play spaces available allows children to make the most of their imaginative playtime. Our canopies, tents, teepees, playhouses, forts and other play spaces make magical secret hideaways for reading, napping, playing with toys, and having fun with friends and siblings. Choose from our huge assortment of Fantasy Fort Building Kits (castle-themed, cabin-themed, igloo-themed) and let them build their own fort inside the family room, den, or basement. Building a fort plays a big role in encouraging creativity in children. This type of unstructured playtime is crucial for young children in developing real-life skills. Using elements to build a fort or a teepee also beefs up cognitive skills like problem solving and planning, social skills such as cooperating and negotiating, and practical skills (hello, construction and engineering 101!) Provide the young and young-at-heart with a portable indoor hanging chair such as our popular HugglePods and HangOuts. These hanging playspaces are the perfect relaxing place to be on a rainy, snowy, or sweltering hot day. Or, slip one of our bed tents under your child's mattress for an extra cozy retreat. Choose from a fairy-tale themed or "under the sea" gauzy tent with a beaded chandelier, to a space-themed light up galactic bed tent. Our hideaway canopies can be hung anywhere kids want a quiet place to play with their favorite toys or read a book. The magical material adds an element of mystery and peace, a retreat away from the world. Kids need their own private little-world-within-the-world. So...give them the tools, or just the space, and let them build a fort!
Thu Oct 22 02:01:26 EDT 2020