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  • Inspire healthy habits and introduce kids the lifelong benefits of yoga!
  • Yoga Breathing Buddies are weighted with natural flaxseed; designed to help kids relax and practice balance while doing basic yoga
  • Each Breathing Buddy comes with three illustrated guide cards
  • Choose between the characters Nutty the Squirrel and Wiggles the Rabbit
  • The Nutty and Wiggles Card Game integrates yoga postures with surprise action for 1+ players; includes 42 cards
  • Learn simple yoga stretches while having fun with friends

Weighted with flaxseed, soft and velvety 8" plush pals lay across tummies, over eyes, and on top of the heads of children taking walks and learning basic yoga postures. Each Breathing Buddy comes with three Mindfulness Cards that introduce youngsters to meditation through delightfully gentle guided visualizations. Choose Nutty the Squirrel or Wiggles the Bunny.

For even more guided-yoga fun, pair Yoga Breathing Buddies with the Nutty & Wiggles Yoga Card Game (sold separately)!

The Nutty & Wiggles Yoga Card Game integrates yoga movement with surprise using Nutty and Wiggles high-energy activity cards. Children turn over one card at a time, exploring yoga poses. When a Nutty or Wiggles card is drawn, all players join in the energetic action! Drawing the single Nap Card finishes the game.

Game includes 32 Pose Cards, 8 Nutty and Wiggles Activity Cards, and 1 Instruction Card: 42 cards in all.

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Yoga breathing buddies are polyester plush with satin bellies. Spot clean.

The Backyard Yoga Mat Set with flow cards, sold separately, is printed with a center line to help kids with alignment. Store mat and cards in the breathable, drawstring bag with carrying strap. 

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Yoga Breathing Buddies

Your Style Selection: Wiggles the Bunny
Wiggles the Bunny
Nutty the Squirrel

$14.97 discounted from $19.98

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