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HugglePods- 24 products

24 Products found
Exclusive Mighty Crescent Stand
Exclusive Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger
Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger
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Exclusive Woodland HugglePod® HangOut® Special
Exclusive   Woodland HugglePod® HangOut®
Exclusive Mega Tree Hanger
Mega Tree Hanger
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Exclusive HugglePod® HangOut Special
Exclusive HugglePod® HangOut Hanging Chair
Exclusive   Cozy Posy HugglePod® HangOut®
Exclusive HugglePod® Lite
HugglePod® Lite
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Exclusive Family HugglePod® HangOut™ Stand
Exclusive Cozy Posy HugglePod® HangOut® Special
Exclusive   Swivel Spinner Hardware
Exclusive Nylon Family HugglePod HangOut®
Exclusive Cozy HugglePod®
Exclusive CamoPod HugglePod® Hanging Chair
Exclusive Space Capsule HangOut®
What on earth is a HugglePod®? It's HearthSong's vision of a kid's chair. And it's above earth. It's imaginative, fun, super comfy, creative, delightfully different, and designed to be used in as many different ways as kids can come up with. And that's a lot. Most of all, it's easy for kids to make their own. An immediate customer favorite, the HugglePod now includes different colors and patterns, including a lite version that's super portable since kids have become so attached to them that they rarely want to leave them behind. And they wanted to share them with friends, so we developed the HugglePod HangOut, which expanded the special personal space created by this comfy hanging chair into a hanging personal playhouse. Then kids wanted to take them along wherever they went, especially if it was camping or to the park or beach, so we developed our Go! HangOuts and special custom HangOut hangers that make it easy to hang them in a tree-no ladder necessary! No matter the style, all our HugglePods are crafted to be warm as a hug and soft as a snuggle, and to offer kids creative, comfy, fun new ways to define their own personal space-indoors or out. More than merely places to sit, the HugglePod Hanging Chair and HugglePod Deluxe offer kids a super-cozy place to curl up and read, listen to music, or just dream-in a space all their own. The HugglePod Hang Out includes room for kids to invite a friend to hang out and share all the adventures two kids can imagine. It's magical as a tree house-indoors or out! Best of all, adults can hang our indoor/outdoor hangouts without needing a tree or a nail, thanks to our custom HugglePod Stand. Hang in there-imagination hangs in the balance!
Wed Oct 23 21:58:53 EDT 2019