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Super Fun Adjustable Stilts and Stilt Extension Set


Stilt-walking is a cinch to master with these lightweight Super Fun Adjustable Stilts for kids designed exclusively for us. Angled shoulder supports, balanced steel construction, traction rubber tips, and nonskid footrests make it easy for kids to make tracks—plus they’re adjustable so they can accommodate kids of different ages. And because they're both durable and adjustable, they’ll grow with your child.

For ages 7 and up; max. weight 220 lbs.

Kids’ stilts feature:
• Angled shoulder supports
• Balanced steel construction
• Traction rubber tips
• Nonskid footrests
• Adjustable legs

Stilts adjust from 56-1/2" to 66"H to accommodate ages 7 to adult.

Sorry, gift wrap not available.

Add our Stilt Extension Set (sold separately), so kids can have even more fun with the Super Fun Kids’ Stilts. They'll love the extra boost or bounce that the extensions give.

The set comes with two pairs of Kids’ Stilt Extensions. One pair features steel stilt extensions that securely attach to the base of the stilts. These offer an additional 5" elevation and a greater challenge. The second pair features extensions with metal spring cushions (safely enclosed by special polymers) that give a springy feel to each step in addition to a height extension. With these extensions, kids will feel like they're walking on a trampoline.

  • 2 pairs of stilt extensions
  • Steel extensions with 5" elevation
  • Extensions with spring cushions
  • Added challenge
  • Gives an extra boost and/or bounce

Stilts: adjust from 56-1/2" to 66"H
Stilt extensions: add an additional 5" elevation

Fri Nov 16 23:43:55 EST 2018