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Taggies™ Dazzle Dots Plush Monkey


This super-soft plush monkey will be a favorite cuddle buddy for kids. It has tags galore in different colors and textures, so babies and toddlers can enjoy exploring them, grasping them, and rubbing them for comfort. A great naptime and playtime pal, this monkey will hold children's interests as they grow.

Originating with a mother's observation that her baby was more interested in the satin tags on toys than the toys themselves, Taggies offers an array of simple yet fun items designed to enhance a child's growth and sense of security. The snuggly soft fabrics, bright colors, and textures of Taggies help nurture children and provide simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation.

  • Super-soft plush monkey
  • Has silky tags for exploring and grasping
  • Great naptime and playtime pal
  • Helps with fine motor skill development
  • Encourages sensory stimulation

For ages 6 months and up.


Tue Nov 13 21:38:31 EST 2018